Order Retail Order Broker
Cloud-Based Product Order
and Inventory Management

It allows you to manage your product orders and stocks most efficiently
by displaying all your stocks in real-time.


High Efficiency At Low Cost

You can reduce shipping and store costs by distributing products from the nearest location according to customer location.

Customer-Focused Activities

You can increase customer satisfaction by providing orders and delivery services from every channel.

Advanced Delivery Options

You can offer your customers different delivery points for orders made through various channels.

True Stock Management

You can ensure the balance of the stocks, and also, you can prevent accretions.

Split Order

Customer Info

Real-Time Stock

User-Friendly Interface

Increase your efficiency by preventing losses
with Order Retail Order Broker!

Cash System and Solution

The secure cash solution Xstore ensures that all retail properties meet both front and back-office needs in the most efficient way.

Management From A Single Point

Thanks to the central management system that allows you to view the transactions of the cash registers, you can instantly monitor the cash movements on the main computer and manage all the customizations through the Xstore central office application.

Current Stock Information

You can instantly update the stock changes and transactions in one branch in other branches and simultaneously view the stock information in all your other properties.

Saving Customer Information

All information such as contact information, shopping history, and earned loyalty cards of the customers can be saved in the system. Thus, you can increase your service quality by knowing about your customers.

User-friendly Interface

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the Xstore cashier solution, you offer your staff a system that they can adapt more easily. Thus, you can eliminate the risk of error by supporting fast and efficient work.

Payment And Service Point (POS)

Strengthen your retail operations with the XStore POS solution that gathers all your needs in one system.

  • Offline Work
  • Multi-Country Support
  • Language options
  • Payment options

Manage all your cash system and solution operations from
a single system with XSTORE!

Cloud-based Customer Relations Management

The cloud-based CRM system Customer Engagement enables retail businesses to centrally manage all their operational processes, such as customer experience, sales, campaign, and loyalty management.

Efficient Sales Strategies

With the franchise-supported campaign module, you can create various campaigns by specifying a filtering pool in all stores belonging to your property.

Innovative Customer Satisfaction

With the loyalty module, you can offer discount coupons and various promotions in line with your customers’ past shopping habits.

Reaching The Target Audience

Thanks to the segment module, you can create segments and organize campaigns suitable for your target audience according to your collected analysis.

Advanced System Management

Thanks to the Attribute feature, you can automate and accelerate operational processes without needing technical development.

Sectors We Contribute

We aim to provide quality and efficient services to our customers in every sector we contribute with the innovative solutions developed on customer relationship management, customer experience, sales, and inventory operations, purchasing, and analytical reporting.


Meet the cutting-edge technology solutions that Propera offers for retail businesses today!

Loss Prevention System
Cloud-Based XBRi

Oracle Retail XBRi System, the world’s most widely used loss prevention and data storage analysis tool, enables you to make data-driven strategic decisions.

E-Commerce Solution

The cloud-based e-commerce platform Oracle Commerce enables you to reach your customers correctly at all online touchpoints where your customer makes a purchase.