Customer Relations Management
For Retail Businesses

Customer Engagement works integrated with all Oracle products allowing the data transfer always be up to date.

Access via the web application
Customer recognition system
Campaign and loyalty modules
Multiple user support

Central Management and Flexible Integrations

Customer Engagement’s omnichannel feature allows companies to access customer, loyalty, campaign, segment, and management modules in all sales channels.

Manage all the modules from a single center quickly and easily!

The Easiest Way To Know
Your Customers

You can create customer profiles with the Customer Screen to view your customers’ shopping history and habits.

Basket Feature
By viewing your customers’ past purchases and shopping habits, you can create unique products and baskets for them. In addition, you can inform your customers and attract their attention with visual content.
Merging Customer Transactions
You can record the transactions made by the same customer at your other branches or online and authorize the personnel to use them for the following actions.
Detailed Customer Information
You can collect the name, surname, contact info, addresses, and all the other necessary customer data. You can also ensurethat the authorized personnel can access them from a single point at any time.

Customer Experience

With the loyalty module, you can offer loyalty, gift, pre-loaded, and corporate cards to your customers, ready-to-use for all stores.


By viewing your customers’ past expenditures and purchases, you can define loyalty cards, coupons, discounts, and different price lists to encourage them to shop more.

Gift Cards

You can load the card by offering gift cards to your customers. The balance of these cards can be used or gifted by the customers to increase loyalty.

Card Filters

As in the campaign and promotion module, you can filter the cards based on products, dates, and prices. You can update all changes related to card filters through the system.

Reaching The Right Audience

With the segment module, you can create automatic or manual segments, make customer analyzes and determine your target audience easily.

Collecting Analytical Information
You can create customer criteria and divide your customers into groups according to the collected analytical information. This way, you can better monitor your sales figures and use them for campaign and loyalty modules.
Manual Segment Integration
You can easily integrate the available segmentation and analysis applications along with the data obtained into the system. This way, you can load the integrated segments under the manual entry and manage them on a single system.
Filters and Updates
Adding new criteria to the segments allows you to filter by date, customer, price, and department. You can automate your update settings and reduce the workload by defining a date within the system.

Management and Development

You can quickly and systematically manage all modules and systems with the Management Panel module.


You can create authorization groups for the loyalty and campaign modules to prevent outside interference and possible disruptions.

Easy and Simple Interface

With Customer Engagement, designed with an easy interface for IT and work units, you can facilitate the detection and repair of errors.


Thanks to the Attribute feature, you can automate your processes to eliminate the need for additional technical development.

Monitor the data flow from a single channel!