Order and Stock Broker for Retail Businesses

Order Retail Order Broker works integrated with all cash registers and mobile sales channels. Thus, you can view your sales and stock movements live.

Real-time livestock control
Lower shipping costs
Dropshipping portal
Minimum store and stock costs

Minimize Shipping and Stock Carrying Costs

Order Retail Order Broker sayesinde depolarınızı en verimli şekilde yönetebilir, müşterilerinize
ulaştırılan siparişlerde maliyetleri en aza indirebilirsiniz.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Thanks to the Order Retail Order Broker, you can define your business stores in the system. In this way, orders are placed for distribution from the closest location according to your customers’ site, and you can reduce shipping costs.

Keep Your Stocks To A Minimum

With the Order Retail Order Broker, designed to support the drop-shipping feature, you can deliver your products directly from the supplier to the customer. In this way, you can reduce your store costs and keep your stocks to a minimum.


Different Delivery Options for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With Order Retail Order Broker, you can use all your resources most accurately while delivering the products to your customers. Also, you can increase customer satisfaction by providing orders from anywhere. In this way, you will not miss your sales by offering every opportunity to your potential customers.

Set a lower limit for stock control in the system. Thus, stocks that fall below a certain number are not displayed in the system, and you will not direct your customers to the wrong store.
Offer your customers different payments such as prepayment, partial payment, and pay-on-delivery. You can also view your customers’ payment information in all stores.

Order and Stock Broker for Retail Businesses

On the Order Retail Order Broker, you can define rules regarding the movements of your stock goods. Thus, you can ensure that the stored stock is consumed balanced and prevents accumulations.

If there is excess stock in a location of your business, you can prioritize this store in the distribution process of the orders. In this way, you can evenly distribute the stocks piled up in a warehouse or store.
You can set regional and location-based rules on how goods will move. Thanks to these prioritizations to be used in transfer processes, you can avoid unnecessary shipping load.
If a store cannot ship the incoming order, it can pass the order to other stores. In this case, the order will be forwarded to the next store, and you can prevent possible errors beforehand.

Improved Features for Product Order and Stock Broker

Order Broker stock and order management software promises retailers to increase sales in all channels, monitor data instantly, and maximize the customer experience with a multi-channel approach.

Split Order

When your customers order products from different stores in a single basket, the system practically gathers the products and calculates the shipping costs to a minimum.

Customer Information

Customers are informed by updating order status and shipping movement information in real-time.

Real-Time Stock

Offering automatic access to real-time inventory information, Oracle Retail Order Broker ensures that every sale is recorded and processed efficiently.

User-Friendly Interface

Multi-channel transactions can be easily performed with a simple and intuitive user interface. Thus, you can more effectively inform your customers at every step of shipping.