Make Timely, Data-Based,
and Informed Decisions


XBRi; With its intelligent, intuitive, and universal analytical reporting capabilities, it detects suspicious trends, transactions, and other data anomalies in business processes. Thanks to the reports it creates using dynamic, functional reporting and advanced analysis capabilities, you can solve the problems you encounter in your business processes; It enables you to make timely, data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly Interface

Multi-Language and Currency Support

High-Level Industry Reputation

Detailed Analysis
for Retailers

XBRi’s analytics feature allows retailers to check data to detect outliers in their businesses. XBRi offers detailed reports with its powerful and dynamic structure that can create many different analyzes from a single report.

Analytical functionality allows users to drill down, sort, filter, and chart reports to gain a data-driven perspective.
Dashboard functionality provides charts and visuals so field users can track their stores and quickly identify problem areas.
Dynamic functionality and forensic analysis help retailers make more informed decisions by providing data-driven responses to maintain profitability.

Customizable Reports with Flexible Infrastructure

The XBRi Loss Prevention System allows retailers to modify existing reports or create new reports from scratch. This way, you can create automated reporting systems specific to your business, and XBRi will do the rest for you.

Instead of getting lost in tables and cells, all reports can be created without the need for technical support, thanks to the drag-and-drop or report preparation wizard.
XBRi’s cloud-based infrastructure provides the user with even more information based on existing information and automatically adding new features.

Avoid Losses,
Increase Your Income

Scalable Performance

XBRi provides optimum performance with its structure that can respond to different user number demands. When used as a SAAS, it has a flexible system that easily adapts to capacity needs.

Database design, SQL optimization, and in-memory engine perform on demand for retail chains of all sizes.
Whether a company has thousands or a few users, the XBRi Loss Prevention System is scalable for needs.

Increasing Income
Reduced Cost

XBRi is a loss prevention system for retailers to detect and prevent employee fraud and suspicious incidents. You can save operational costs thanks to XBRi effective and automatic warning systems.

Legal Documents

Fraud and forgery cases can be detected quickly, and documents can be created that will serve as evidence in possible legal processes.

Operational Solution

In order to solve operational problems, violations of company constitution articles and training needs can be identified.


Working in integration with 3rd party case management systems, XBRi improves the efficiency of processes while regulating the workflow.

Web and Mobile Accessibility

With web and mobile accessibility, users can log into XBRi on the go and keep all their data at hand.

Control Panel

The interactive control panel that directs field workers to high-risk areas can take action in extraordinary situations without wasting time.

Robust Infrastructure

With its robust infrastructure, XBRi can adapt to the information technology needs of today and tomorrow. In addition, it can offer a versatile perspective with its dynamic OLAP engine.

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