XBRi Loss Prevention


XBRi is a loss prevention system that identifies suspicious trends, transactions, and all other data anomalies that occur in business processes thanks to its intelligent, intuitive and universal analytical reporting capabilities. It allows you to have documented, time and knowledge-based answers due to its advanced analysis capabilities and dynamic and functional reporting system.
Instead of getting lost in tables and columns, XBRi’s drag and drop or report wizard tools can be used to create meaningful reports from the simplest to the most complex ones, without the need for technical support.

Features of XBRi

Provides optimum performance for any number of users. Its flexible structure can quickly adapt to any capacity requirements when using the SaaS version.

XBRi integrates with third-party case management systems, and it improves the efficiency of workflow processes.

95 percent of users gain their ROI within a year. For some retailers, it can be as quick as three months.

It detects fraud and forgery cases rapidly and it provides documents with evidential value for such cases.

It determines inconsistencies in line with articles of the organization for the solving of operational problems.

It provides pivot tables and data mining for use during the research process carried out to uncover causes.

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