Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services

A suite of services that provide detailed data on the behavior of customers and their interactions with the business. Each module of the cloud-based system, handles customer data in a different way. They provide the necessary information to create customer loyalty, increase average spending per customer and recurring sales. Therefore, businesses have the opportunity to configure more efficient campaigns and personalized promotions that focus on well defined customer segments. Resulting in customer satisfaction and loyalty, redaction in costs and increased overall profitability.

Commerce Cloud’s Best Features

Allows you to organize every step of your loyalty programs through one single system, from the editing stage to the distributing of gifts, privileges or awards.

Maximize your ROI with campaigns based on data. Reduce your campaign costs, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit.

Collection of permitted social media data, social media audience tracking; “Gift registry” and a 360 degree customer relationship approach which may also be used by call centers.

Increase return on investment by creating campaigns that identify customers who react more frequently and positively to campaigns and offers.

A comprehensive software that assists you in creating a wide variety of campaigns and proposals.

Allows you to design and implement campaigns that include points, points, gift cards and virtual gift certificates.

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