Oracle Xstore is a comprehensive and flexible POS system. The system provides solutions tailored to the needs of executives and sales staff in central and store operations. It enables central management the organisation of all stores, to evaluate performance and provide reporting for shops and personnel as well as assign tasks to individual stores and personnel.

For store management, it provides features such as shift management and follow-up, personnel performance reporting for the management of the store. In addition, it provides sales staff with necessary equipment to increase sales performance, develop customer relations, maintain sales and protect brand image, and communicate with customers.

Xstore is fully compatible with the entire Oracle Retail solutions family. Each modul of the solutions family is instantly ready for use upon installment. It can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of the enterprise or other third party systems. Instantly improving the skills of the existing infrastructure of the operator.

Key Features of Xstore

The system is suitable for local and international businesses of all sizes. It provides facilitation features for businesses planning to open abroad.

There are more than sixty preset reports. Staff can calculate the commissions. And it can report on performance for each staff member.

The online and offline functionality allows you to avoid interruptions in the sales process, even if Internet access is interrupted momentarily.

Supports in-store campaigns and promotions. Thus, in any particular store, individual campaigns and promotions can be offered to specific customers during a certain time period.

It provides instant data to the salesperson, offering the customer a more personalized and individual shopping experience.

The training function lowers costs, transfers the training process to the shop and enables staff training with real-time data.

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