Oracle Commerce Cloud


E-commerce requires specific infrastructure and investment. Moreover, the necessary infrastructure is often provided by more than one single source. This requires coordination of different companies with different specializations. Increasing the amount of time, investment, and man power needed for e-commerce.

The Oracle Commerce Cloud is a platform that offers all necessary solutions needed to run an e-commerce business. It comes with various solutions that directly address the specific needs of your business. In addition, it offers you a variety of solutions helping you to optimize and reduce investment costs, time and workforce numbers.

Key Features of Commerce Cloud

Your business data is protected in one of the safest places, cloud-based Commerce cloud, which belongs to Oracle, is one of the most trusted software companies.

The Oracle Commerce Cloud includes all solutions your business needs, and its capabilities are constantly evolving. It’s entirely integrated and hassle-free.

The Oracle Commerce Cloud works on Oracle servers. Start using the platform by logging onto the system via the internet. All improvements and updates are provided by Oracle automatically.

It allows you to integrate your website and e-commerce infrastructure with third-party applications and customize them in line with the characteristics and needs of your business.

Oracle Commerce Cloud lowers cost, time and required man power of e-commerce investments to the maximum.

Depending on your business needs, you can integrate Oracle Commerce Cloud with Oracle CX, retail, and back-office applications.

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